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Background Information:
Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. was founded nearly 30 years ago. Seven Ranges is a deep draw metal stamping facility, located in Carrollton, OH. Carrollton is a quaint community which has an abundance of land, dotted with farms and pastures. The town square boasts wonderful restaurants and antique shops. Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. is nestled in Carrollton’s industrial park.

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Why Seven Ranges?
In 1785, Continental Congress was expanding the Republic westward, into the Ohio Country. Thomas Hutchins, a United States geographer, was to plot seven blocks of land called ranges. The ranges started where the Ohio River meets the Pennsylvania border. From here, Hutchins ran a line forty-two miles West. The North and South lines laid out a six square mile checkerboard pattern across Ohio. The Seven Ranges covers Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, and Belmont Counties as well as Carroll County and surrounding counties. The Seven Ranges Land Survey was completed in 1786.

Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. continues to utilize the philosophies established by our forefathers on the Seven Ranges Survey.

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