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Background Information
Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. was founded in 1981 with a focus on deep draw metal stamping. Carrollton, OH was selected due to the strong work ethic found in this quaint community which also has an abundance of land, dotted with farms and pastures. The town square boasts wonderful restaurants and antique shops. Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. is nestled in Carrollton’s industrial park. 

In 1999, ground was broke for the current facility which included a two-story office and large production floor.  In 2005, the first addition was constructed providing additional production and warehouse space.  The final addition was constructed in 2014 which included additional warehouse space and featured a larger break room and office storage space.  

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Growing Product Lines

In 2008 Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. acquired DMA and added decorative metal panels to product line.  These panels are well known as mobile home skirting (also called underpinning) and have been manufactured for more than 50 years.  In addition to the 28″ x 60″ rock faced block panels, 32″ x 60.75″ and 36″ x 60.75″ cobblestone panels were introduced in 2013.  Please visit to learn more about these products and to see indoor and outdoor application photos and product installation instructions.

The CamberCan product line was acquired in 2021.  CamberCan’s buried refuse receptacles have been around for decades and can be found from New York City curbsides to west coast golf courses.  Each CamberCan unit is concealed under a hinged lid that appears just above ground level.  No more windblown cans in the middle of the street or animals spreading trash across your lawn.

Why Seven Ranges?
In 1785, Continental Congress was expanding the Republic westward, into the Ohio Country. Thomas Hutchins, a United States geographer, was to plot seven blocks of land called ranges. The ranges started where the Ohio River meets the Pennsylvania border. From here, Hutchins ran a line forty-two miles West. The North and South lines laid out a six square mile checkerboard pattern across Ohio. The Seven Ranges covers Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, and Belmont Counties as well as Carroll County and surrounding counties.

The Seven Ranges Land Survey was completed in 1786.

Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. continues to utilize the philosophies established by our forefathers on the Seven Ranges Survey.

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