Deep Draw Metal Stamping

Deep Draw Metal Stamping equipment and skilled workmanship is the heart of the Seven Ranges Manufacturing facility.

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Deep draw metal cylinders, shells, canisters, inserts, tanks, cylinder and tank heads, enclosures, fixtures, and covers are made daily to serve a diversified customer base. Our customer base includes the mining, chemical processing, electronics, pharmaceutical, food service, power sports, and automotive industries. Seven Ranges can Forming quality deep draw metal stampings and metal products is the foundation Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. was built upon.

Deep Draw Metal Stamping Equipment:

Seven Ranges’ offers over a dozen deep draw metal stamping quality presses. We offer  60-200 ton redraw presses to meet our customers’ specifications. This versatility allows Seven Ranges to manufacture flat steel plates, metal domes, electrical and lighting fixtures, filter shells, and many other durable metal products.

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