Metal Stamping Capabilities

Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. processes fifteen million pounds of material through our manufacturing facility each year.

Seven Ranges Takes Pride In:
1.) Metal Stamping Capabilities
2.) Customer Service
3.) Precision Manufacturing

Seven Ranges is Diversified in Metal Stamping and Formed Metal Products,
We can Stamp the Following:

1.) Metal Support Guides
2.) Guide Plates
3.) Brackets
4.) Metal Discs & Collars
5.) Metal Covers, Caps, & End Plates

Seven Ranges has Experience Using the Following Forming Materials:
– Carbon Steel
– Stainless Steel
– Aluminum
– Copper
– Brass
– Haselloy
– Monel
– Inconel
– Titanium
– Bronze
– Nickel
– Galvanized/Electric Galvanized
– Tin Coated Steel
– Ferrous and Non Ferrous Stamping

Seven Ranges’ Broad Customer Base:

Seven Ranges Mfg. Corp. serves a large customer base,  including  mining, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, electronics, food service, power sports, and automotive industries.

We design “in-house” to control part quality, efficient processing, maximum tool life, and quick die changes. We have a complete tool room facility, to produce new tooling and maintain current production tooling.

We work under ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance program for our automobile customers. For our non-automobile customers, we offer a tailored SPC program.

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